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Cleanse body & mind

Are you tired of feeling tired, listless and sickly? As if your physical and energetic batteries were constantly running in energy-saving mode? You have the feeling there is room for improvement? Then you are exactly right here.

Because our detox cure brings you back to the source of your energy. You will shine, your eyes will sparkle, your complexion will be even and your vitality will return to a new energy level - in short: you will come closer to yourself.


Are you still deciding? brooding? Have you tried countless cures and diets? But success was a long time coming, the yo-yo effect always set in again shortly afterwards? We like to believe you, but with our cure, everything is different! Because this cure is the beginning that gets a stone rolling. After that everything will be different, there will be a before and an after in your life. Believe me, with the knowledge, there's no turning back.

So how does our detox work?

No overpriced purchases are necessary. No special powders or questionable additives. No special juices. No weighing. No strict calorie counting. No strict meal times.

ONLY the natural products that Mother Nature gives us. And we'll show you how to use them correctly to detoxify your body and boost your energy. After all, we want to detoxify and not stick to a diet in which we lose as many kilos as quickly as possible.

💫 When? Next launch on September 22, 2022

💫 How long? 15 days

💫 Where? Through an internal group

💫 How? Katrin accompanies you daily in a closed group through your detox cure, you can ask questions around the clock, exchange ideas and motivate each other. There are also twice-weekly lessons on incompatible and compatible foods. Jana leads yoga classes to accompany the cure, which are aimed at promoting your digestion and cleaning your body. Participation is of course voluntary.

💫 What? Meals are based on the principle of food compatibility. In addition, it is oiled three times a day.

The detox cure lasts 15 days, so it makes sense to cleanse in a group of like-minded people. As the saying goes, together you are less alone! The community makes it a lot more fun. In addition, the probability of sticking through the cycle to the end is much higher.

Together we make it 💪

And are you ready to do something good for your body?

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