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We are ZWET

- from the inside

Every day we can define who we want to be, how we present ourselves to the world and how the world will see us.

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Hello my dear, what brings you here?

We are Jana and Katrin from ZWET and we want to show you what is possible for all wonderful women out there: to feel good in your own skin and to show your insides out. There is nothing we love more than encouraging people to discover their natural beauty and let it shine.


As style coaches, we want to help you take your looks and your mindset to a new level. We offer you expert advice to put together a stylish and sophisticated wardrobe - because your style says a lot more about your personality than you think.

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Our offers

Discover what's inside you


color advice

get to know your colors

body advice

get to know your character

wardrobe check

become the expert of your wardrobe

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I'm very happy, but also have some respect.
I have almost nothing in these colors, which is exciting. I always thought they didn't suit me, although I always thought I was wearing the wrong colors and materials that made me look grey, sallow and old.
I really need support for more sexiness, a feminine touch and extravagance.
I wish that 🙏🏻💜🙏🏻


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